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24 Years of Experience

About Our Mission:

About our Mission:

Sojourners base provides accommodation to equipment short-term missionaries. Our desire is to help the groups to serve and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and show the love of God through simple acts of kindness. There are many opportunities to do so while serving in orphanages, rehabilitation facilities for men and women, churches, community outreach, ministry of landfills, evangelism, street, building projects and more.

Visits to orphanages

In Mexico, the orphanages are mostly privately run and are dependent on foreign donations to stay open.

Community outreach

Groups will have the opportunity to put on an event with carnival games and worship all centered around a gospel message.

Visits to rehabilitation centers

Teams can visit these centers and encourage them with testimonies and the word of God, to share a meal with them, providing them with hygiene products, and pray for them.

Construction projects

A great opportunity for people of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds to come together and bless a family.

About us

Víctor and Sonia, Called to Missions in Mexico

In 1995, Victor and Sonia attended and served their local church, inspired to faithfully go on mission trips once a month for four and a half years. Both Víctor and Sonia had excellent stable jobs. Sonia had the same employer for eleven years. Victor worked for general electric for fifteen years. The Lord began to call Victor to Mexico. The Lord soon confirmed this call in the heart of his wife Sonia and they both began to prepare for this step of faith.